Our Lady of the Sign Mossaic Icon - Ravenna, Italy
Our Lady of the Sign Mossaic Icon - Ravenna, Italy
Our Lady of the Sign Mossaic Icon - Ravenna, Italy

Mosaic of Our Lady of the Sign

Donated by Rev. Charles Yastischock

Used with Permission from the Mosaic Art School & Director Luciana Noturnni


2021 Bishop's Appeal


You have so many treasures in your Eparchy of great spiritual and artistic worth.  The past few years I enjoyed sharing some of our most complex icons.  This year is a simple icon with deep meaning.  This icon connects us with our recent past as well as our ancient Byzantine glory.  The icon is a gift to our Church from Father Charlie Yastishock.  He purchased it from a workshop in Ravenna, Italy, the same studio where he commissioned the mosaic on his tombstone.  Ravenna is famous for some of the greatest mosaics of the Byzantine Empire, including mosaics of Jesus Christ, of the Emperor Justinian and his colorful and redoubtable wife Theodora, and many others.  Also in Ravenna is the Basilica of the great soldier martyr Vitaly—a popular name in the Slavic east.  The remarkable thing about a mosaic is this—it might look brand new after two thousand years or more.  This artist gave us permission to use the mosaic because her business has all but stopped for two years now.  I’m happy we can give her recognition in exchange for using her art.

The year has been a difficult year for all of us, and also for the Eparchy.  I am astonished at the generosity and dedication of people who made sure that we still have a church in the future.  Thank you!  Our clergy shortage has gotten worse.  God blessed us with a new priest last year—and your generosity paid for his education.  On the other hand, immigration has stopped for almost two years.  Attrition and death have taken their due.  One of our priests is now administering six parishes.  (That’s right, six.)  None of our clergy went without salaries or other necessities in the past two years, because of your generosity.  I ask once again, take care of your own needs and or your own parish first.  If you have extra and would like to help me with my work for the Eparchy, and for the weaker parishes, please consider a gift to the Bishop Appeal this year.  God will not be outdone in generosity.


2021 Bishop's Appeal


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